Wholesale Grillz Mold Pack to Start Your Own Business

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Start You own Commission based Gold Grillz business powered by Mobile Gold Grillz.

Resellers Kit includes Everything You need to become a commission based Mobile Gold Grillz Reseller!

Includes a one day in person class with Owner of Mobile Gold Grillz. 

Mobile Gold Grillz will be your manufacturer. No need to do all the work. You can focus on sales!

Commission  based pay offered per sale. 

Items Included in the Mold Kit

*Instructions of proper mold and what’s needed to get the best fitting Grillz.

* Pricelist

*Teeth Trays (Top and Bottom Trays for whole mouth)

*Putty Set (enough to take 30 molds) one blue, one white 

*Order forms (digital for printing more copies if needed)

*Box of Gloves

*Transfer  Plastic Bags

Sellers are responsible for shipping to and from manufacturer for all orders. But that is a fee you can charge clients!


Level up!

Other Classes offered for a fee if you are interested in growing within the Grillz Manufacturing business. 

For any questions please contact us.